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The courses within this site are intended for individuals committed to learning about the subjects listed at their own pace. The content is intended to assist those individuals who are interested in increasing their knowledge outside of a conventional classroom settings. The core of this course is based upon interaction with other participants. This includes and is highly dependent upon participation in the forums and other activities contained within this site.

I and hopefully others will provide feedback on forum posts and other activities with the goal of increasing your knowledge about welding inspection and welder testing.

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Available courses

In this section we will discuss the requirements for performing welding inspection. Just like welders, not all inspectors have the same skills.

This course addresses fundamental topics related to welding inspection. The AWS CWI body of knowledge is used as a guide. The fundamentals may or may not be "fundamental". 

Since we do not have the ability to perform "hands on" inspection, this section of the course will be somewhat limited. However there are activities related to welding inspection that can be considered "practical" and will build your skills. One of the key skills is being able to understand the applicable code or standard. Most of the resources and activities within this section will be build around use of the "Book of Specifications-2016"

The primary goal of this course is to help users of a specific code become more familiar with the use and content of a specific code. Many of the concepts to be discussed in this section could apply to many codes. 

This section is for discussing actual practices used during welder testing and includes activities that may help you develop your own facility.

This course is for individuals already involved with operation of a test facility (ATF or Other) to discuss issues and share information/experiences. 

This course will help individuals become familar with the requirements of the AWS Standards for both Accredited Test Facilities and the AWS Certified Welder Program.

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by Gerald Austin - Monday, 27 March 2017, 7:03 AM

This site is under development and is intended to be a resource for those individuals who are desiring to be a welding inspector and are dedicating time to self study of the topic. This is not a CWI course but the AWS CWI Body of knowledge will be outlined.

Because resources are time consuming to ...

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