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A few words about some of the courses.

Welding Inspection Courses content is intended to be built around the body of knowledge for AWS CWI's however is not intended as a course to prepare for the test. It is intended to help you increase your knowledge related to welding inspection related topics. Discussion of the activities within the course with other participants is HIGHLY recommended.

Welder Testing Facility Courses The welder testing facility course is intended as a resource for organizations that I have either helped with or are helping with becoming an AWS Accredited Test Facility. It will be a source for sharing experiences, practices, and documents.  

Welder Training Courses The courses in this category are for supplementing the training of face to face courses. This can allow much of the classroom time to be utilized for review of materials already covered and in turn maximize the time in the shop. Some of the content may be "technical" information or may relate to information that may help actual developing of welding skills.

If you would like to register please understand that:

1) This is a work in progress and FREE. Do not expect $500.00 per course content quality. Much of the content is that already in the public domain online. The power in learning here come with the interaction of other learners and facilitators that are driven to help people learn while learning themselves.

2) I do NOT want anyone to distribute any copyrighted material they have been provided. 

3) Participation and interaction is required. A great deal of learning can occur from "Student to Student" interaction and feedback. Facilitators are here to encourage learning. 

Thank you for your interest.

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